Opening for THE father of Rock’n’Roll.

Last week I had the honor of opening for the man many credit with “inventing” rock n roll. John Lennon once said “if they didn’t call it rock’n’roll, they’d call it Chuck Berry.” Whatever you call it, it’s obviously keeping Chuck Berry young… this man at 86 years old is still doing his famous Duck Walk and showing moments of absolute awesomeness. I can only imagine the rocking that was happening back in the day… when he invented rocking.

It was at his venue in St Louis called the Duck Room (at Blueberry Hill) and it was a sold out show, packed wall to wall with Chuck Berry fans (some just fans of music/history who came to get a glimpse). We played a 45 minute set which went really well as we won some new fans… but the whole time I was thinking “don’t say Chuck Berry.” It’s one of the few rules you are told when opening for Chuck Berry is that you are not permitted to say his name. My first thought was that Chuck Berry must be as evil as Lord Voldemort (referred to as “He Who Must Not Be Named” in the Harry Potter books). Then, I figured it makes sense – a man of such fame and reputation needs no introduction. Touche, Chuck Berry. It was especially difficult because I had planned to tell the story of how the first song I ever sang on stage was a Chuck Berry song. I ended up just naming the song title (Johnny B Goode) and everyone screamed as though I had said “free money!” or “welcome to Oprah’s giveaway show!”

All joking aside, and despite Chuck being very elusive (got to shake his hand and barely get this photo – he’s yelling ‘next’) it was a true reminder for me that this whole thing is one step at time. One exciting small event by small event. If there’s a skip in the beat of the heart, you’re on the right track. Like I said in my FB post that morning…

“About to board a plane to St Louis where tonight I open for Chuck Berry. This photo is me singing his “Johnny B Goode” at my cousins wedding over 20 years ago. It is the first song I ever performed live. So I’ve been at this for over 20 years and I’ve got a long way to go to get to where I want to be, but I do know when to stop and appreciate full circle moments like this. Thanks all of you who support and inspire me along this journey. #stickwithit

Rock on, Chuck. And thanks to you, Mr Berry, the rest of us can too.

San Diego Homecoming Show!

San Diego friends please join us 6:30pm this Thursday 6/27 at the Encinitas Library for our homecoming show. Full band, book signing and tour slideshow! It’s free and all ages so bring children! Check out the article in the Coast News. Madluv!

Celebrity book review!

Josie Brown is the author of The Secret Lives of Husband and Wives (soon to be an NBC show), the hit Housewife Assassins series, and Totlandia. We are ecstatic to share this review that she posted on Amazon about Sharisse’s debut novel:

“Jenna, the heroine of ROCK MY WORLD, is not only a former model and the daughter of a famous rocker, but also the wife of Alex, a musician who’s earned his chops and is now riding his own wave to fame. The blissful life she’s created for him and their teen daughter, Felicity, is her haven —

But that world comes crashing down around her when she discovers that Airika, her closest friend since high school, has been sabotaging her relationships with both her husband and her daughter.

My guilty little pleasure is discovering books that gives me an authentic POV on a sort of glamorous life the rest of us can only dream about. Sharisse Coulter’s insider’s take on the rock world is that–and much, much more because of the complexity of her characters, who seem to leap out from the book’s pages. Your heart breaks for Jenna with every betrayal because you get who she is: a woman whose chance to create her own identity beyond those dearest to her is stymied with each twist of fate.

The essence of a compelling page-turner is exactly that: real, and satisfying to the end.” – Josie Brown

What a Trip!

The tour is winding down and it has been an awesome 5 months of music, travel, people and adventure. Thanks to all who have come to shows and book signing and honk their horns out on the road and said “hi” at gas stations. St Louis was the last big stop of the tour before and below is a vid of the last week. There is so much video footage that we’ll be catching up on editing and sharing over the coming months.  Now we’re looking forward to our San Diego return show at the Encinitas Library 6:30pm Thursday June 27th. Madluv and see you again soon!


Concert at your place?


We’ve done a handful of house concerts this tour and want to do more because they are so much fun and are a unique. Let us know if you want one in you place. This is where we’ll be and when!
TAMPA, FL March 13-16
SAVANNAH, GA March 24-25
COLUMBIA, SC March 27-29
CHARELSTON, SC March 30-31
RALEIGH, NC April 9-11
WASHINGTON, DC April 16-21
SYRACUSE, NY May 12-13
DENVER, CO June 5-8
MOAB, UT June 9-10
PROVO, UT June 11

I’m Not That Flexible


By Sharisse

Week three has us settling into our (self) designated roles: Lee as Driver/Dumper/Rockstar, me as Navigator/Accommodation Finder/Book Seller and Kai as the self-proclaimed “Boss.” Kate is still putting up with us all and rounds out this crazy crew.

As anyone who has toured or traveled much can tell you, the key to happiness and sanity is flexibility. Unfortunately, that directly contradicts the necessary mantra of the Do-It-Yourselfers: control freaks get it done. Finding the balance is my personal quest. I’m better at it with coffee in my system. Luckily, efficiency is my greatest asset and being a mother has taught me to hone that efficiency even more. I do my best to research every stop, chart the quickest safest routes, find fun things to do, and still get all my work finished. We’ll get ‘er done, I have no doubts about that … I just hope not to inspire homicidal fantasies in those around me in the meantime.

Austin was our longest stop yet, giving us a full week in one place—enough time for three shows and a quick flight over to Nashville for Lee to get his NACA on. We also had a chance to check out downtown, both for shows and to take Kai to another children’s museum. I’m pretty sure he’s going to see every museum across the country.

While Lee was away, Kate, Kai and I took to some shopping and playground hopping, generally enjoying a couple days with nothing official to do. We caught up on some much-needed housekeeping, emailing and girl-talk, and met some of the neighbors. Meeting the neighbors is quickly becoming one of my favorite things. It’s a great way to get to know the area, get tips on parks to stay at, hidden gems to seek out, restaurants to try, and the anthropologist in me loves hearing about how other people live and think. It’s like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get.

For Austin favorites, we loved Zen, a Japanese/Texan fast food chain that has fresh meats, fish and veggies ready to cook on demand and make into rice or noodle bowls. You can even get steak sushi, which makes Lee happy. And they carry our favorite chili paste, Sambal, which bumped it up a couple extra notches.  We also tried Threadgill’s, the first Austin restaurant to get a liquor license post-prohibition, and the venue that claims to have broken Janis Joplin. I say claims because we’ve been at this long enough to know no singular thing or venue breaks an artist, but I’ll admit it makes for a better story.  It was my first taste of southern food and I rather enjoyed my pecan-crusted chicken with creamed spinach.  After Lee finished his meal (and mine, Kate’s and Kai’s) he proclaimed “I’m gonna get fat on this tour!” Good thing a lot of these parks have gyms.

Our break time is now officially over and we’ve got a busy week ahead of us as we make our way to New Orleans—an exciting stop since none of us has been before.  We’ll spend a few days there and we’re  looking forward to good gigs and fantastic food!  Anyone with recommendations on things to see or places to eat, please comment/message/facebook/twitter us and we’ll do our best to try it all. AustinSunset_6746_web

Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked



By Sharisse

Now into our second week on the road, we’re old pros. I have now officially driven the Rig on the open road—even squeezed past an oversize vehicle on one side and a construction guardrail on the other. We’ve had the pleasure of learning the ropes of gray and black water dumping at a variety of sites. Okay, so it’s primarily Lee’s chore, although Kate has been a phenomenal number two, helping him keep the hose secure (sorry, blame bad puns on not enough sleep). Let’s just say that gravity is our best friend, and no matter how much of a hurry we’re in, we MUST check and double check that we’re doing it right. Despite Kai’s suggestion to call the bus “Poop Poop”, we’ve opted for his second choice: “The Rolling Coulter Bus”.  Let’s just hope he didn’t have any premonitions…

Despite a slower gig schedule these last few days we’ve been packing a lot into a little time. We were randomly invited over for lunch by a neighbor in Albuquerque and had a chance to try (and love) the famous New Mexico Chile. And although Munchkin has been pretty good with traveling and being confined to the bus when it takes SO much longer than expected to get to our next destination, he’s four. Bribery and movies only buy us so much time. So we’re making a point of being tourists when we can.

Two days ago we spent the day at Carlsbad Caverns. I knew it was supposed to be cool (hence the side trip), but I wasn’t prepared for how incredible they really were. We opted for the self-guided tour and traipsed down the switch-backed trail into the mouth of the cave. Lee took Kai and I hung back with the camera, losing track of everything but trying to do justice to the scale of what I was seeing. Nearly two hours and 300 photos later, we emerged awe-struck and a little giddy with stoke. We spent most of the drive back to the bus discussing which fantasy and sci-fi movies the caverns most resembled. Aliens, Superman, and Indiana Jones made it onto all our lists. You can see my photos in the gallery, but better yet, if you get the chance, I highly recommend making the trip yourself.

After our little jaunt it was time to get back to business. Lee and Kate headed up to Roswell for a show at a wine bar not knowing what to expect, but taking the GoPro just in case. Lee threatened to play the “Close Encounters” melody, figuring it would either be a hit or get him kicked out. But the evening took a less alien, more rockstar-appropriate turn. There were people there specifically to see him play, and when Kate got up to sing “Gray or Blue” they gaped at the audience singing the words back to them. That may be a first in a town we’ve never been before. I was sad to have missed it, but making sure the Munchkin gets his sleep is non-negotiable.

Every time we go to a new place we take a risk. Maybe no one will show up, or it will be the wrong crowd, an off night, or any number of possible scenarios ending in the thought “What are we doing here?” But so far, everywhere we’ve gone we’ve been greeted by wonderful fans whose enthusiasm put smiles on our faces even when we’re skating by on a mere half night’s sleep. We cannot express our collective gratitude for all of you and your support. We can’t wait to meet every one of you in person as we see the rest of this great country. Next up: Texas.

Interview with

Before the fun tour launch show at Belly Up a few weeks ago, Lee was interviewed by

They make him sound pretty legit so we encourage you to read it… ;o)

THE TOUR: Breakneck Speed at 55mph

THE TOUR: Breakneck Speed at 55mph

By Sharisse Coulter

This, my first blog of the tour, comes to you from day 5. We are in Flagstaff, Arizona getting rested up for our first show here tonight at Bookman’s. I’m sure that seasoned RVers out there will read some of our itinerary and laugh outright, but we’ve got shows to do and people to see and we will get there! I have to admit, those seasoned veterans may have a point. So far I’ve noticed a few things about life on the road. The first of which is that, despite our mode of travel—which is beautiful and perfect for what we need—it is a ginormous beast that attracts attention.

On our first day we saw two looky-loos get into a little fender bender while gawking at our rig! It was at low speed so everyone was fine—no need to worry. We also learned that we don’t take to the road ready to win any races. 55mph is about our top speed and that is only achievable on long straight sections of well-maintained freeway. So we’re keeping a furious pace of morning TV and radio promo spots, evening book/music shows, plus errands, and picking up everything else we’re learning we need on the road: a solution to find constant wifi, snacks, DVDs, extra hoses, etc. And we’re coming to find that there is only so much we can ask of ourselves and of our bus. Hopefully we’ll settle into a rhythm soon and won’t feel like we’re always four hours short in our day.

The second thing I’ve been finding is that what we are not doing what most RVers are doing when we stop at RV parks to hook up to electricity and water. I’m not sure exactly how they see us, but its clear we’re foreign. Aside from the staring, there’s the sweet looks at Kai when he introduces himself as Peter Pan, followed by the furrowed brows when they see Lee, Kate and I step off the bus. But then we’re off again, before getting the chance to talk to them and find out. They’re typically retired, slowing down their pace, enjoying the country in a meandering fashion.  We’re out early, in late, off quick, and probably leaving behind all sorts of clues that give us away as motorhome newbies.

That leads me to my third lesson so far: we can’t do it alone. And thankfully, we don’t have to. Kate Vincent, our merch girl/babysitter/duet-singer, has already stepped up to the plate and saved us multiple times (in just 5 days!), handling our sales, watching Kai while we do appearances together, sticking it out on the bus so the repair guy could fix a hydraulic issue while Lee and I did a morning show in Tuscon, and then singing “Gray or Blue” on the radio with Lee this morning, only to finish up and take Kai (who got in trouble for yanking on the microphone) out to the lobby to let us finish the interview.  If she still likes us by the end of this trip, she deserves a medal. Or a trip to Hawaii. Maybe both.

I’m sure there are many things I’m leaving out, either because it’s all happened too fast, or because I am about three days behind on sleep, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words so … check out our gallery and stay tuned for more.

Lee’s talk at TEDxYouth@SanDiego 2012

TEDx events bring together innovators, explorers, teachers and learners to encourage conversation and collaboration. Their vision is to be a local forum for ideas that inspire people to change their lives and their world.

I had the honor of speaking at the TEDxYouth@SanDiego event a few months ago and they just posted the video. I cannot emphasize enough, if you ever get a chance to attend a TED or TEDx event, please do. As one of the other speakers, actor Richard Dreyfuss, said at the same event in 2011, if everyone in the world attended a TEDx event, it would be a much better place.