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Interview with

Before the fun tour launch show at Belly Up a few weeks ago, Lee was interviewed by

They make him sound pretty legit so we encourage you to read it… ;o)

THE TOUR: Breakneck Speed at 55mph

THE TOUR: Breakneck Speed at 55mph

By Sharisse Coulter

This, my first blog of the tour, comes to you from day 5. We are in Flagstaff, Arizona getting rested up for our first show here tonight at Bookman’s. I’m sure that seasoned RVers out there will read some of our itinerary and laugh outright, but we’ve got shows to do and people to see and we will get there! I have to admit, those seasoned veterans may have a point. So far I’ve noticed a few things about life on the road. The first of which is that, despite our mode of travel—which is beautiful and perfect for what we need—it is a ginormous beast that attracts attention.

On our first day we saw two looky-loos get into a little fender bender while gawking at our rig! It was at low speed so everyone was fine—no need to worry. We also learned that we don’t take to the road ready to win any races. 55mph is about our top speed and that is only achievable on long straight sections of well-maintained freeway. So we’re keeping a furious pace of morning TV and radio promo spots, evening book/music shows, plus errands, and picking up everything else we’re learning we need on the road: a solution to find constant wifi, snacks, DVDs, extra hoses, etc. And we’re coming to find that there is only so much we can ask of ourselves and of our bus. Hopefully we’ll settle into a rhythm soon and won’t feel like we’re always four hours short in our day.

The second thing I’ve been finding is that what we are not doing what most RVers are doing when we stop at RV parks to hook up to electricity and water. I’m not sure exactly how they see us, but its clear we’re foreign. Aside from the staring, there’s the sweet looks at Kai when he introduces himself as Peter Pan, followed by the furrowed brows when they see Lee, Kate and I step off the bus. But then we’re off again, before getting the chance to talk to them and find out. They’re typically retired, slowing down their pace, enjoying the country in a meandering fashion.  We’re out early, in late, off quick, and probably leaving behind all sorts of clues that give us away as motorhome newbies.

That leads me to my third lesson so far: we can’t do it alone. And thankfully, we don’t have to. Kate Vincent, our merch girl/babysitter/duet-singer, has already stepped up to the plate and saved us multiple times (in just 5 days!), handling our sales, watching Kai while we do appearances together, sticking it out on the bus so the repair guy could fix a hydraulic issue while Lee and I did a morning show in Tuscon, and then singing “Gray or Blue” on the radio with Lee this morning, only to finish up and take Kai (who got in trouble for yanking on the microphone) out to the lobby to let us finish the interview.  If she still likes us by the end of this trip, she deserves a medal. Or a trip to Hawaii. Maybe both.

I’m sure there are many things I’m leaving out, either because it’s all happened too fast, or because I am about three days behind on sleep, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words so … check out our gallery and stay tuned for more.

Lee’s talk at TEDxYouth@SanDiego 2012

TEDx events bring together innovators, explorers, teachers and learners to encourage conversation and collaboration. Their vision is to be a local forum for ideas that inspire people to change their lives and their world.

I had the honor of speaking at the TEDxYouth@SanDiego event a few months ago and they just posted the video. I cannot emphasize enough, if you ever get a chance to attend a TED or TEDx event, please do. As one of the other speakers, actor Richard Dreyfuss, said at the same event in 2011, if everyone in the world attended a TEDx event, it would be a much better place.

Jack FM & CW6 appearances

Fun time this morning in San Diego with a radio interview and performance on The DSC on Jack FM and the TV version on CW6’s morning show “San Diego Living”.

Watch the interview here. 

And see some fun pics by clicking on this pic below.