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New song & video! “Boss Señorita”

I don’t love the word, “feminist.” I consider myself one but I feel that the word itself repels those who most need to embrace it’s meaning: “Advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men.”

Changing how misogynists hear any word starting with “fem” could be more of a task than it needs to be.   So, I wrote a feminist anthem in a way any music-loving chauvinist could appreciate… a badass blues song.

I have probably stayed up multiple years worth of sleepless nights to create art that is as entertaining as it is meaningful. And never before have I felt so strongly about achieving that goal than with this new song and the video my wife and I produced for it. Please turn it up and enjoy, “Boss Senorita.”

Tour Video wrap up

I’m so pleased to have put this mini movie together not only for preserving the memory of such adventures for myself and my son but to share the journey with you! Madluv!

What a Trip!

The tour is winding down and it has been an awesome 5 months of music, travel, people and adventure. Thanks to all who have come to shows and book signing and honk their horns out on the road and said “hi” at gas stations. St Louis was the last big stop of the tour before and below is a vid of the last week. There is so much video footage that we’ll be catching up on editing and sharing over the coming months.  Now we’re looking forward to our San Diego return show at the Encinitas Library 6:30pm Thursday June 27th. Madluv and see you again soon!


New Music Video – “CAMEO”

Here’s the new video for “Cameo”! So excited to share. Mad love people!

Everybody has these two things:
1. at least one talent or a passion.
2. a voice in their head doubting that talent or passion.
I wrote “Cameo” as a sort of shut-up to that voice.

We shot this video in one day in North County San Diego with the exception of a few of our friends and fam holding their cards up. Everyone was such a good sport as we were hustling to get this done. Thank you.

SHARISSE COULTER for not only shooting this video and brainstorming the concept with me but adding her input in lyrics. We sat up late one night after chatting about our friend who we adore, who didn’t see how awesome she is and I had a guitar in my hands and this song sort of just formed out of that discussion.
ARIANA HESTER – our gorgeous and amazing friend who stars in this video and yes is actually an aspiring fiction writer. Keeping it real! You were so willing and wonderful to work with. Can’t thank you enough!
The Truymans for letting us use their house. Again. Hugs!
Zel’s Del Mar for letting us crash their wonderful restaurant.
The Saddle Bar, Solana Beach for use of their awesome space.
All the friends who gave up their afternoon to share their smiles and dreams with us in Solana Beach. You’ve all GOT IT GOING ON for sure!
The rest of my friends and fam who agreed to put your dreams and lovely mugs on camera.
I really hope we did you proud.
Mad love!