Hey there. How’s everybody doing? Isn’t this just the weirdest? Feels pretty chaotic at times doesn’t it? So much love to anyone feeling the stress of it. I kind of hope that’s everyone because who doesn’t find this stressful for themselves and/or on behalf of others?

Don’t forget to find moments to breathe and release the tensions in your muscles and your face and your brow as much as possible. Those tensions are your body trying to warn you of the looming uncertainty but you are fully aware of it by now so you can tell your body to relax as the information has been noted and your internal warning systems are toxically annoying until the situation changes. Thank you very much.

It is with all that in mind that I wanted to create a song that would remind me of a few things that I’d like to keep remembering as we go through these next few months of personal and global damage control and reevaluation. What I need to be reminded of is the hope. The strength and the kindness of the human spirit. Hope that people still care about others. I wanted to let healthcare workers know that I care, Because if I care, there must be millions maybe even billions of us. We care and we’re so grateful. I needed to be reminded that no matter how scared I feel at times that if I believe in my free will to create an effect on those around me that it is up to me to direct my energy where I want this planet to go. So I made this. With my wonderful and wonderfully hopeful love, Arielle Moskow. We hope you enjoy, “Sing for Me (a quarantine production).”

I meant to write a folk song but for a few years I’ve been supplementing my income by DJing at the end of some of the weddings I perform for. At first I was reluctant to DJ because I thought it was an insult to my art as a folk songwriter to spin Pitbull and Lil Jon for the people. But then I listened closely to the production blasting through the speakers and subwoofers and I could totally understand why these perfectly dynamic vibrations excited human beings. A sort of extreme energy, joy inducing, sound healing. A happy beast of an art form. And I thought of the times at all of those weddings people rushed to the dance floor for a particular song and I thought I wanted humans to feel that same excitement about the potential in what is happening in the world now. Our lack of attention to leadership and facts, and our degrading of intellect has lead us where it should. Now we are here and there’s lots of people feeling the same thing and eager to help make things better. Let’s keep reminding each other that none of us are alone and that hope grows stronger together. We are the ones who get to bring new ideas and standards into creation with the energy that we each individually lead our lives with. So once I realized the tempo of the song I wrote lended itself to be a pop song, I figured I’d try to use my lessons learned as a part-time cliche DJ to produce sounds that made people instinctually excited about empathy in a pandemic. If that doesn’t get me a Deep State membership. Thanks for checking it out. Thank you Healthcare heroes and everyone playing their part to save lives. I hope you are well and safe or get there soon. Madluv.

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