New solo acoustic album “EarthLee” out Thursday.

Hey friends!
So happy to announce that my solo acoustic album EarthLee is out this Thursday January 18 (available here on iTunes and all online stores and streaming services). Please see the teaser below. If you would like a CD copy of it you can buy here now via PayPal or better yet, please come to a show!

One of my favorite things about being an artist is that a large part of my job is essentially to pay attention to the human experience. And when you get to do that a lot, it allows you the breathing space and perspective to zoom out and see how magical it all is despite the ugliness that we need to overcome. I wanted this album to communicate that feeling. To inspire others to keep on loving and having an open heart and know that there always people who are on your side and fighting your fight and living your dreams with you, beside you, whether you know that they are there or not.

EarthLee is a collection of 17 new, raw recordings of both previously released and brand new songs. It is every song I’ve written to date that was inspired by mindfulness, peace and/or gratitude. I wanted it to feel like a reassuring conversation with a friend or just a big musical hug. I hope you feel that. Thanks always for the support. Madluv.

– Lee.


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