Music is a Photograph!

I’ve recently decided to expand my creative outlets to include photography (see my public album here) . Since idolizing album covers and movie posters in my childhood, I have always been mesmerized by the focus that a good promo shot brings to its subject. How an iconic portrait can make you dream of a better life or at least inspire you to hope that someday you might have the same twinkle of sureness in your eye as the person in the picture. The thing is, nobody is that awesome all the time. Not even your favorite celebrity. Not even the prettiest beings. That’s why photography and its ability to capture a moment in time is pure magic. We can hold a memory in our hands, people! We can look at history on a shelf! It’s madness!

Whether it was taken 100 years ago or today, my favorite photos make you feel like you not only know the person in the portrait, but you know them in their finest, truest, strongest form. Think of those under-the-radar friends that you know or even your partner and how you adore and admire them while other people don’t seem to see them the way that you do. Whatever you are seeing in that person, is what I want to capture in anyone I ever take a photo of. For all to see. For all time. I firmly believe that at any given moment anyone can be amazing. (I even have a song and music video about that idea.)

The concept of time and how it seems to speed up has always fascinated me: photography is my way of slowing it down with all of you with whom I share it. Just as I attempt to do with music. Madluv and I hope you like what you see in the pics.

Below is a short clip with the results of my second photoshoot. It was made easy by the charming and talented subject, singer/songwriter Julia Davies. The lens loves her as much as your ears will love her sound. Please check it out.



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  2. you are simply an amazing person I love how you describe photographs and I love your song photographs. you have a way with words and music. mad luv


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