Belly Up show was a hit!

Wow! This past Tuesday we had our launch concert for the tour at the Belly Up Tavern in San Diego and it was amazing! The audience was so full of love and ready to listen and we secretly sold Sharisse’s novel for the first time ever to much buzz and demand! Huge thanks to Kate Vincent for being in charge of the merch. Michael Tiernan for his killer set of original music and then adding so much to my set on guitar, percussion and backing vocals. Charles Ruby on bass and Tim DeMartin on the Machudo cajon for being rocksteady on stage and awesome people to know and hang with in general. The Belly Up staff and sound guys are always so kind and professional and lastly the audience, if you were out there that night, huge hugs and mad love to you for making me feel like I’m saying something that means something. If every show on the tour is a fraction as successful as this one, it would be a good thing!


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  1. Make sure to check out the awesome pre-show interview with Lee Coulter and post-show review article by Puffin!


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