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VENMO: @Lee-Coulter (Don’t forget the dash between my first and last name!)

Like pretty much every artist and freelancer I know, all of my upcoming work has been canceled. Being an artist living month to month I’d so appreciate any help from music/arts lovers who have some abundance. But I’m not interested in TAKING money… I want to CREATE FOR YOU something unique and meaningful in return. Please see the list below and I will be so grateful to connect with you and produce whatever your donation amount gets you. Thanks so much for even considering.

$1-$49 = Infinite musician gratitude.

$50 = 15 min one-on-one video chat concert!

$75 = Alter an existing song to include a custom name in a 30 second live video and dedication (e.g. “Sarah coming through coming through coming through”) for you to have and share forever.

$100 = Sing-a-gram! Custom sweet/cute/silly 30 second song about you or a loved one. Tell me what/who to sing about and why and I’ll record a video of what I come up with and send to you to have and share forever.

$350 = House Concert in San Diego for a mutually agreed upon future date.

$1500 = Full custom song written for you or a loved one recorded with vocal and guitar.

$3000 = Full custom song written for you or a loved one recorded with full band production.

Just use the Paypal link OR Venmo handle above to send the amount and I’ll get back to you within a few days to get on the same page about the specifics of your prize. Alternatively please email me any questions directly at mail@leecoulter.com

Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to all who have encouraged me to ask for this help. And if you can do a similar thing for anyone else in music, arts, yoga, restaurant, travel, hospitality etc I hope you do and that it feels rewarding to the soul. Madluv! – Lee


Hi and thanks for checking out my site. I’ve dedicated my life to making music as I believe music is one of the great bridges between all humans. I hope that something I’ve created might resonate with you for at least a moment in your life. Please check out the songs, videos and show schedule. Much gratitude, Lee

My single with Dixie Maxwell that reached #1 on iTunes Australia and NZ…

Teaser for “EarthLee” my stripped down solo album of songs that I wrote to bring myself and hopefully other some peace of mind, available on iTunes or Order CD here.

Here’s a live recording from my “EarthLee” album release.



Kickstarter Goal Reached!!!

Thank you so much to all who helped Dixie and I reach our Kickstarter goal of $15000 in just the first two days! Now we can afford to take the…

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EXCLUSIVE: How an unknown Queenslander knocked Drake from #1 on iTunes last week

#1 Single on iTunes Australia and NZ!

I’m pretty dumbfounded! Friends, check out this press release! UNKNOWN AUSSIE IN USA TOPS ITUNES AUSTRALIA AND NZ [Singer songwriter Lee Coulter’s long and unlikely rise to the top] [San…

New solo acoustic album “EarthLee” out Thursday.

Hey friends! So happy to announce that my solo acoustic album EarthLee is out this Thursday January 18 (available here on iTunes and all online stores and streaming services). Please see…

Lee’s D.I.Y. Recording, Mixing & Mastering Tips

I just released my new single “Don’t Belong” online and as a video and got a really nice email from a fellow recording engineer asking how I got my sounds…

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