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If you have abundance and can help me make up for all my lost work due to Covid 19 please donate here via PayPal or Venmo.
VENMO: @Lee-Coulter (Don’t forget the dash between my first and last name!)

And please contact me at mail@leecoulter.com if you’d like to commission a personalized sing-a-gram, a custom full song, or a private zoom concert.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart and thanks to all who have encouraged me to ask for this help.  Madluv! – Lee


Hi and thanks for checking out my site. I’ve dedicated my life to making music as I believe music is one of the great bridges between all humans. I hope that something I’ve created might resonate with you for at least a moment in your life. Please check out the songs, videos and show schedule. Much gratitude, Lee

My single with Dixie Maxwell that reached #1 on iTunes Australia and NZ…

Teaser for “EarthLee” my stripped down solo album of songs that I wrote to bring myself and hopefully other some peace of mind, available on iTunes or Order CD here.

Here’s a live recording from my “EarthLee” album release.


:: A Non-Expert Take on the Rise of the Non-Expert ::

”If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Sir Isaac Newton. One of the most advanced things about humans is that…


Hey there. How’s everybody doing? Isn’t this just the weirdest? Feels pretty chaotic at times doesn’t it? So much love to anyone feeling the stress of it. I kind of…

Kickstarter Goal Reached!!!

Thank you so much to all who helped Dixie and I reach our Kickstarter goal of $15000 in just the first two days! Now we can afford to take the…

Made headlines on TheMusicNetwork.com

EXCLUSIVE: How an unknown Queenslander knocked Drake from #1 on iTunes last week

#1 Single on iTunes Australia and NZ!

I’m pretty dumbfounded! Friends, check out this press release! UNKNOWN AUSSIE IN USA TOPS ITUNES AUSTRALIA AND NZ [Singer songwriter Lee Coulter’s long and unlikely rise to the top] [San…

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